Monday, 5 October 2009


It was a good night i must say :)
so bascially me and paula got there with a huge amount of indie/emo girls and standed in line which was around the corner OF THE WORLD I SWEAR and died from these indian girls who had kfc buckets and signs :| ahmagawd. Then saw nikki+co and yeeahh moving forward they stood in line with us, then as we gradually moved towards the venue some guy behind us went to me
Guy who look like aled: ARE YOU FROM A BAND?!
Me: what a band?
Guy who look like aled: yeah a band
Guy who look like aled: ohh yeahh
then like they started talking about their band on myspace, he was with some chubbs blonde guy, a guy who looked like he was from the enemy and some next josh beech beg aha. Then yeah they started talking and such and the josh beech beg was like I LIKE THESE GIRLS then he pointed @ nina and goes "i especially like you" i loled. Cant remember much of what we talked about but they started singing and then i was like to the josh beech beg YEAH ITS JUST YOU ON YOUR OWN and he kept on going WHAAAAT i was like :| ahaha. Then we went inside first band came on etcetcetc nikki got a drink , then we found our little line friends aha :| and yeeahh the guy who looked like he was from the enemy was like to me
how old are you?
Guy from the enemy: ermmm, guess how old i am first
Josh beech beg: YEEAH YOUR RIGHT
Guy from enemy: nahh im actually turning 23 next month
Me: aw i wish i could give you a birthday present
Josh beech beg: yeah you can give me a kiss on the cheek
Me: ERM why dont you let him do it aha
and again and again and again until i finally took a failed picture.
So yeah all of them was drinking but me, then i said ohh everyones drinking but not me, and that guy from enemy was like IM NOT I GOT LEMONAIDE. and yeeahh etcetc some paramore song came up and they were all like ITS YOUR SONG AHA.And then erm i took like a quick glaze @ the josh beech beg and THEN he winked @ me and then i go you know levis you look like the model josh beech, hes so good looking BUT YOUR NOT AHA, then he was all like fuck you ;) and nikki and paula were like OMG HES SO FIT BUT NO HE DOESNT LOOK LIKE HIM MAYBE A BIT BUT YEAH then he was all like OHH SHUT UP YOU IM MAKING MONEY FROM LEVIS i was like thinking sit down :| then like he kept on touching my nose instead of trying to hit me i was like GO AAAA-AWAY. Then i called the guy who looks like aled and josh beech beg SCOTTISH aha idk why...i thought they were from there. Then that guy from the enemy was like whispering in my ear about the josh beech beg like yeah hes not every kind with girls but if you somehow kick him in the right place or tell him what you want to hear then im sure he'll be nice. Then the audition came on and me and paula ran and left them. Ahahaha, BUT YES THEY WERE FUCKING GREAT LIVE AAAAHHH, HIS VOICE OOOO ;O
but anywho when they finished me and paula bumped into nikki and she told me how like the guy from the enemy kept asking how old i was then nikki was like ohh shes 16 then he was like OH NO I CANT! I CANT!! then she said the josh beech beg was like asking about me HOW OLD IS SHE? i was like ohh....then 3957285738527 years later atl came on and that josh beech beg was sooo drunk he kissed me on the cheek and was like I FUCKING LOVE YOU but yeah erm one side of my head was drenched in nikkis beer, which was beautiful. Then the FAT crowd sufficated me. I DIED. and i kept on moving around alot from nikkis mate aaron (WHO WENT OUT WITH A GIRL CALLED BAHA WHICH IS SO FUCKING FUNNY) like proper sang in my face it was pudy aha and so on to these like 3 or 4 topless guy were proper into the songs and started putting their arms around me and sang in my flipping eyeball but fuck it i joined them and one of them who had like flicky blonde hair was like SHOUTING in my ear, then ermm ahaha im not gonna say the next part bit erm personal....MOVING ON atl finished found nikki+co and couldnt find paula anywhereeee, and i felt like death with my beer hair then got a text from paula saying she left me. BITCH, but i was with nikki and yeeeahh she got the guys myspace band or w.e i was just like i probs wont even click on the link YOUR SHIT ALREADY AHA and josh beech beg kept on going WHAT and putting his middle up in my face to me i was like go home :| ahahaa, then he was like call me *WINK* i was like he was like go on google type in levis model and if fate happens i'll be on it i was like LOL BYE. then that guy who was topless with the flicky hair was like talking to everyone about random shit, he was like to me and nikki something about his nipple i was like YAH, then outside he was like............hh....hhh.....HELLO YOU WERE IN THE GIG I SAW YOU i was like i saw you too, then i got his fb he was like I LIKE THIS PHONE YEAH LINK ME BABES ahaha, i was like cyaa then i looked @ my phone and it was his name and then he goes on a rock WITH A BACK i was like ohhhh, i see aha. Then i got a picture of danny lead singer of the audition BUT IM NOT IN IT :'( only nina and nikki aha then i just yelled out YOU HAVE A FUCKING AMAZING VOICE ahaa, then erm atl came out even tho i thought they didnt give their fans a good enough chance but oh well i just yelled out I WOULD IN SO MANY WAYS and these stupid girls kept on screaming and cracking a boner i was like you broke my eardrums :| ahahaha and THEN on the train journey home some man was talking about organisms and lady gaga and telling me to fuck john hard :| BUT YES NOW I AM HOME WITH HOLES IN MY TIGHTS WHERE MY TOES ARE AND IS EATING ABOUT 5 FERRERO ROCHER.